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Donate To Fund

Fund Name
Altadena Library Foundation Fund
Andrues Family Fund
Annick - Anonymous (1)
Anonymous Arts Endowment
Anthony Endowment for Needy & Underprivileged Youth, Rebecca R.
Arnesen Family Fund
Arts Fund, PCF
Avakian Endowment, Dorothy
Awad Family Fund, Gary & Georgette
Babcock Endowment , Guil & Gwen
Backer Fund, Howard & Rhoda
Baha Memorial Scholarship Fund, Bonnie
Banning Endowment for K-12 Education, Hancock & Julia
Barrett Endowment for Arts & Culture, Ann Dobson Barrett & Olin
Barton Fund, Sue
Baxter & Kuo Family Fund
Beckham Endowment for Hunger, Nancy Nash
Beringer Fund, David P.
Bishop Endowment, The Bailey & Barbara
Bogaard Endowment, William J. & Claire W.
Bogdanovich Fund, Yvonne
Bohr Fund, Vern & Marsha
Bolton & Company Foundation
Braatz Fund, Clayton R.
Bradley Fund, Hannah G.
Brandt Family Fund, Wayne & Lisa
Brandt Family Trust Fund
Brigham Jr Fund, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M.
Brinsley Fund, John & Louise
Buntich Scholarship Endowment, The Cheryl
Burton Fund, Elizabeth S.
Byam Fund, Clark
Caillouette Endowment for the Arts, Jim & Joan
Calleton Elizabeth Brown Endowment
Campbell Fund, Barbara B.
Carlson Endowment , Bob & Maureen
Carpenter Memorial Fund, Julie Ann
Carr Wants World Peace Scholarship Endowment, Justin
Carter Scholarship Foundation, Irval W. & Florence D.
Cason Fund, Carolyn Alford
Charitable Gift Annuity
Checca Endowment for the Arts, Margaret Leong
Clark Family Foundation
Clifford Swan Investment Counselors Education Endowment
Cochran-Bond Investment Fund
Cohen Endowment for the Homeless, Mel & Renate
Cohen Fund, Melvin & Barbara
College Women's Club of Pasadena Scholarship Foundation Fundraising Fund
Cooper Designated Endowment, Carl & Lynn
Cooper Education Endowment, Carl & Lynn
Cooper Endowment ^Carl & Lynn
Cooper Fund, Carl & Lynn
Copeland Endowment for Education, Luke & Allyson
Copeland, Richard & Mariver
Cordon Fund, Frank J. & Lillian D.
Crabtree Fund, James A. & Jean
Crandon Endowment for Arts & Culture, Phyllis & David
Crandon Fund, Phyllis & David
Creary Family Foundation, Drs. Ludlow & Ruth - SP
Creary Family Foundation, Drs. Ludlow & Ruth
Creary Family Foundation, Drs. Ludlow & Ruth - CV
Creary Family Foundation, Drs. Ludlow & Ruth - PIF
Crew Scholarship Endowment, Ernest S.
Crew Scholarship Fund, Ernest S.
Crumb Medical Research Endowment, John & Lucille
Cunningham Fund, Bill & Karlene
Cushman Family Fund
Cushman Fund, John & Ginny
Davis Arts & Culture Endowment, David & Holly
Davis Fund, David M.
Deniston Scholarship Endowment, John
Deverell Endowment, Helen & John
DeVoll Endowment for the Environment, Matthew & Jennifer
DeVoll Fund, Jennifer & Matthew
DeWitt Family Foundation
DeWitt Family Fund
Dunton Fund, The
Ealy Memorial Endowment , Lily Ruth
Ealy Memorial, Lily R.
Earl Endowment , O.K.
Eaton Endowment for Assistance to the Elderly, Cornelia L.
Ebner Endowment, Kimberly
Ebner Fund, Kimberly A.
Edson Family Foundation
Education Endowment, Anonymous
Education Fund, PCF
Education Grant Fund, PCF
Eleven Twenty Seven Endowment Fund, Temo Arjani
Eleven Twenty Seven Foundation Fund
Elvis Endowment , The
Enduring Heroes Endowment
Enduring Heroes Memorial Fund
Enduring Heroes Quasi-Endowment
Environment Endowment, PCF
Esbenshade Family Fund
Escherich Fund, Mary T.
Fastnow Family Fund
Fedde Endowment for Disabled Youth
Fefferman Initiative, Robert J.
Felberg Endowment , Fred & Jean
Felton Family Fund, David & Mitsuko
Fleming Fund, Anne
Fleming Jr. Fund, Laura & Louis
Fleming Memorial Endowment, Clarence E.
Fornaciari Family Endowment
Fox Endowment, Stephanie
Fox Fund, Stephanie
Frank Endowment, Richard & Mary Alice
Friends & Fellows Fund
Friends Outside in LA County Endowment
Fuller Fund, Alison C.
Gain Endowment, Judith
Galloway Education Endowment, Brenda & Bill
Gamb Endowment for Health, Jim & Priscilla
Gamble Endowment , James
Gamma Zeta Boule Foundation Endowment
Garner Fund, Leora & Daniel J.
Garner Fund, Lisa K.
Garnier Family Fund
Gerber Bailey Family Fund
Giesen Trust, Rowe & Gayle
Gilfillan Family Fund
Gilfillan Memorial Endowment, Sarah Elizabeth
Gillespie Fund, Katherine
Glendale YWCA Investment Fund
Glickman Endowment for African American Youth, Loretta
Goldman Scholarship Fund, Robert Earl
Grady Family Fund, Shaun P.
Gray Endowment, Michael & Susan
Griffith Fund
Gruber & Sharon Clark Fund, Glenn
Hall Family Endowment for the Community
Hall Fund for the Community, Donald & Taylor
Harder Endowment, Bob & Arlene
Harris Family Foundation , Thomas
Headley Family Endowment Fund
Headley Family Fund
Health Fund, PCF
Healy Endowment Fund, Patrick Otis
Healy Family Fund, Michael & LeAnn
Hennacy Endowment, Hal & Marguerite
Herron Fund , Joseph A. and Jeannette E.
Hill-Harbison House Fund
Hioe & Handojo Family Foundation Fund
Ho Endowment , Betty Jean
Ho Fund, Betty Jean
Hollingsworth, Jr Fund, Schuyler & Deborah
Horner Family Treatment Program Endowment, The Michael
Hosharian Foundation Fund, Edward
House Fund, Jim & Susan
Huber Endowment Fund for Soccer - AYSO Region 214, Fritz
Huffman Fund, Phillips & Laura
Human Services Fund, PCF
Jagels Family Endowment, George & Maggie
Jameson Fund, Barbara S.
JLP Planned Giving Fund
Joan F. & Patrick A. Cathcart Fund
John & Elaine Gregory Family Charitable Fund
John Robb Memorial Scholarship Endowment
John Robb Memorial Scholarship Fundraising
Johnson Endowment, Bernard & Mary
Johnson Endowment for Education & Community, Edward & Barbara
Jones Fund
Jordan '65 Scholarship Fund, Margaret Mary
Journey House Endowment, Brother Tim
Kavanagh Fund
Kelly Fund, Judith G.
Kennedy Scholarship Fund, Leola Sudduth & Thomas Foster
Kimball Fund, John & Virginia
Kirby Endowment, Marvel B.
Kiwanis Club of South Pasadena Endowment
Knox Family Endowment, John & Jennith
Knox Family Fund, John & Jennith
Kroman Family Fund, The
Krueger Family Fund, The
La Casita Foundation Fund
Lamont Fund, Gary & Kit
Lamson Endowment for Arts Education, Alan M. & Sheila R.
Lamson Fund, Alan M. & Sheila
Learning Works Fund
Lemus Fund, James
Lent Endowment, Elizabeth
Lewis Endowment, William K.
Lieberman Scholarship Endowment, Ellin
Lim Education Endowment, Fred & Jenny
Liu & Michael R. Peevey Charitable Fund, Carol J.
Live Orchestral Music Endowment
Live Performing Arts Foundation, The
Loitz Endowment, Bill & Patti
Longyear Charitable Fund, Judith & Willis
Lonnie & Lorraine Schield Endowment
Lowe Endowment , Al & Rose Marie
Lue Fund
MacMichael Fund, H. Ross & Mary H.
Martin Endowment, Ruth Stewart
Massey Memorial Fund, Ben
Massoumi Scholarship Endowment, Sina
Matthews Endowment for Health, Phillip & Lois
Matthews Fund, Phillip D. & Lois S.
McCarthy Family Fund
McDonald Endowment for Education, Stephen & Judith
McDonald Fund, Stephen & Judith
McIntyre Fund
Medearis Fund, Elizabeth
Mgrdichian Scholarship Fund for AIWA, Hasmik
Mgrublian Endowment, David & Margaret
Mielke Endowment
Mitzvah Endowment
Mountain View Foundation
Mulder Endowment, G. Arnold & Gretl
Mulder Fund, G. Arnold & Gretl
Mullendore Endowment for Hunger, Roger & Gloria Villalobos
Munger & Gumport Fund
Munger & Leonard Gumport Endowment , Wendy
Navarro Fund, Art
Nelson Endowment , Dottie & Byron
Newman Endowment for Education, Ray & Eddie
Nina Simone Charitable Trust
Niven Endowment , Maria Antonia
Nix Family Fund
Nix-Stahl Family Endowment
Norrington Youth Fund, Ralph M. & Margaret K.
Norton Family Fund
NTC Scholarship Fund
Onderdonk Family Fund
Opel Family Endowment
Orndorff Endowment for the Environment, Christopher & Virginia
Paietta Fund
Palmer Fund, Jeff & Joan
Parker Community Fund for Kids
Pasadena Altadena Community Endowment Fund (PACEF)
Pasadena Art Alliance Endowment
Pasadena Assistance Fund
Pasadena Child Health Foundation Endowment (PCHF)
Pasadena Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Endowment
Pasadena Community Gardens Conservancy Fund
Pasadena Delta Academic Award Endowment
Pasadena Educational Foundation Endowment (PEF)
Pasadena Police Activities League (PAL) Fund
Pasadena Public Library Foundation
PCC-HMH Schools of Nursing Alumni Association Endowment
PCDA Endowment Fund
PCF Administrative Endowment
PCF Grants Reserve
PCF History
PCF Operating Fund
PCF-Operating Reserve Fund
PCF Sponsorship Fund
PCF Unknown Donor Fund
PCF Unrestricted Endowment
PCF Unrestricted Fund
PCF Unrestricted - Pass Thru
Peevey & Carol J. Liu Endowment for Education, Michael R.
Petersen Endowment - BGCH, Margie & Robert E.
Petersen Endowment - DMYFS, Margie & Robert E.
Phelps Endowment, Peggy
Pile Endowment , Sterling
Pile Investment Fund, Sterling
Pimco Reserves
Pinney Family Investment Fund
Pitzer Family Endowment
Pomerantz Endowment for Education, Glenn & Carol
Price Endowment for Disabled Children, Ella C.
Randall & Marianne Hill Fund
Rankin & Catherine Wagar Fund, Bruce
Rankin Family Fund, Diane & Herb
Ratkovich Family Foundation, The
Rawn Endowment for Seniors in Need, Bill & Betsy
Reed Family Fund, Gretchen & Henry
Reichert Endowment for Health, Marjory E. & Harold B.
Reith Endowment
Reynolds Endowment, William T.
Richardson Fund, Eliza Linley & David
Riffenburgh Fund, Ralph
Roberts Endowment Fund for Education, Jud & Marilyn
Roger & Candis Ipswitch Endowment
Rogers Endowment, The Vicky & David
Rogers Family Fund, Vicky & David
Rosedale Endowment, Cynthia P.
Rosedale Fund for Seniors, Cynthia P.
Ross Fund, Jan
Rounds & Callae Walcott-Rounds Fund, Ed
Rygel Fund, Sandra J.
Sabbag Fund, Kenneth & Margaret
Salek Leadership Fund, Aydin
Salek Leadership Scholarship Endowment, Aydin
San Marino Woman's Club Endowment
Sanson Fund, Dr. William E.
Saturday Conservatory of Music Endowment
Schneickert-Otamura Endowment
Schow Endowment, Nan & Howard
Schug Memorial Fund, The John
Schwartz Memorial Endowment, Matthew
Scoble Family Endowment, The
Score Endowment, Judith
Score Fund, Judith
Scott Endowment , H. Diane
Seares Fund, Gwynne E.
Seiter Endowment , John & Linda
Seiter Fund, John & Linda
Semler Fund, The
Sheldon Endowment, Joel & Jil
Sheridan Fund, Gene
SJP Fund
Stephens Fund, George & Gretel
Stewart Fund, Margaret M.
St. John Memorial Fund
Swan Endowment, Philip A.
Swan Endowment , Philip V. & Sara Lee
Swan Fund, Philip A.
Taylor Family Fund
Taylor Fund, Ann B.
Team Strong Brad Fund
Tell Family Charitable Fund, Ann & Richard
The Bill & Claire Bogaard Fund
The Muir Class of 1966 Scholarship Endowment
The Shabby Dog Rescue Fund
Thomas Endowment , John & Shirley
Thomas Endowment, John & Shirley
Thorpe Family Trust
Titus Fund, James & Margaret
Tolven Group
Toppin Fund, Martha Doerr
Tornek Endowment Fund, Maria & Terry
Tran Fund, Kim
Truman's Touch Fund
Turner Foundation, Laurie & David
Tyler Endowment, Sid & Betsey
Tyler Memorial Fund, Ted & Rosemary
Tyson & Hagopian Family Endowment
University Club of Pasadena Endowment
Van Fleet Family Fund, William
Viking Fund
Vista Nova Renaissance Endowment
Walsh Fund, Sara Shemer
Watson Family Foundation
Watts Fund, David D.
Webb Endowment , Louis & Marion
Weigandt Family Fund
Wei Zhang & Roger Lee Foundation
Westlake Foundation Fund
Westminster Housing Group 1 Expendable Fund, The
Westminster Housing Group Endowment Fund
Whaley, J. Patrick & Lynda L. Jenner
Whiting Endowment, John & Judy
Wilson Endowment, Randolph & Judith
Wilson Family Fund, Mary DeWitt
Women At Work Endowment
Woo Charitable Foundation, Julie & Charlie
Wood Fund, Janet D.
Yes Virginia Fund
Ying Ying Goh and Tony Pang Fund
Youth Fund, PCF